A state of grace

As I woke up early in the morning, the smiling faces of my kids greeted me. They had quietly decorated my bed stand with gifts and cards for mothers day. Now they jumped in my bed, hugging and kissing me with excitement.

Mothers day is always a humbling day for me. Even though it really feels good to be spoilt on that day, it is more about all the love, which freely from any thought of retribution comes back to me. Just out of love. For free. Without ever asking for a payback. A state of beautiful grace, that I was able to experience.

A so much larger gift of grace, that changed the religious world in a unforeseen way, came to Martin Luther, when he discovered that he did not have to earn it as the Roman catholic church thought it, but was gifted for free. For God through Jesus Christ loves humans because they are, not for what they do. Martin Luther named it „sola gratia“.

Grace is Gods undeserved favor toward sinners. It is Gods free gift towards us, but Jesus Christ paid a huge price on the cross to set us free. A precious gift that makes me stand up every time I fall and stumble over my own brokenness.

A precious state of grace.

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