Beating the drums for God´s justice

I couldn’t set my eyes off the drum. Beautifully matured wood was covered with dark, well used leather that was tightened around the sturdy body by thick tightropes. This instrument was beaten by famous hands for God´s justice as disaster struck Germany, Europe and the whole world. It was no one less than Dietrich Bonhoeffer. A prophet, who was amongst a number other theologians. A brave spokesperson of God´s calling, who opposed the Nazi regime and addressed the collective injustice this dictatorship brought over millions of people.

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While Dietrich Bonhoeffer spent a whole school year in New York in 1930/31, he became friendly with Richard and Frances Ern, who where members of Greenville Community Church in Scarsdale. Many a hours he spent with this special family, receiving love and a home away from his German home. After going on a road trip to Mexico with the families Oldsmobile, he brought to them a small drum.

As Rev. Dr. Edward H. Schreur showed this drum on the sunny Wednesday morning, I was struck with awe and admiration. It was within this congregation and the Ern family, Bonhoeffer was nurtured and filled with incredible love to give him the strength to return to Germany and to join the resistance against the Nazi-tyranny. His words and action made him to the most prominent spokesperson for God´s justice as the darkness of antisemitism and brutality was spread over Germany, Europe threatening the whole world. A great prophet in very dark times.

As he gave his life for God´s calling like numerous others, justice made its way and God´s kingdom grew. Bonhoeffer stood in a long tradition of prophets, from Moses, Deborah, Gideon, Elijah and Elisha and so many more, leading to Jesus as the mighty prophet in deed and word (Luke 24:19). Bonhoeffer was very aware of this calling and beat the drum of words and action for God´s justice up to the ultimate price.

Being called into discipleship, we may have to ask ourselves: Where and how do we beat the drum for God´s justice in our broken world as antisemitism, racism, and injustice are on the rise? It is may continuous prayer that you join us in this act of holy resistance beating the drum for God´s justice as we pray daily „thy kingdom come“.


Prayer „Beating the drum for God´s justice“

As we daily beat the drum for justice, dear Lord,

fill us with courage

fill us with strength.

As we daily beat the drum for justice, dear Lord,

give us encounters with You and Your Holy word

give us insights in Your plan for us.

As we daily beat the drum for justice, dear Lord,

help us to counter our fear of the price we pay for obedience to Your call

help us lift our feet when we would rather hide.

As we daily beat the drum for justice, dear Lord,

may thy kingdom come.




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