The New Colossus revised

Four years ago we chose the US as our new home and left Germany. Our four kids were uprooted, family and friends left behind as we felt drawn to become part of the US as the largest immigrant nation of this world. What brought us here was not fleeing from a high crime rate in our homelands or to seek riches for ourselves, but the spirit of freedom, opportunity and equality we felt drawn to like many others, who are seeking a new life in this multinational  and -ethnic nation.

But the tide is turning quickly as this nation seems to undergo a massive political shift. While Germany learning from its Nazi history tried to become a welcoming nation during the 2015 refugee crisis, the US is closing its borders with its leader tweeting about rising criminality in Germany. If only one might check the facts! The criminality rate has gone down by 9.6 % and Germany is heavily trying to integrate the welcomed refugees.

What has happened to the Great Nation we sought as our new home only four years ago? The history of Germany teaches us wisely: We once had borders closed. Our leaders circulated fake facts. People were demised and humiliated, spat on because of their skin color and religion. Children ripped out of the hands of their parents, separated and traumatised. The Nazi regime orchestrating this and other uncountable evils lead to the greatest disaster of humanity. It is a very dangerous path to go down.

A lament of rewriting Emma Lazarus famous poem is the only thing that can slip from my lips as I look at the Statue of Liberty on the shores of New York.

„Hold back, ancient lands, your worried masses!“ cries she
With bitter thin lips. „Give me your money, your knowledge,
Your small numbers of rich yearning to act free,

The white upper class of your fruitless shore.
Send these, the powerful, richly abundant to me:
I lift my lamp only for them beside the golden door.“

If Miss Liberty would be able to move… the torch in her hand would fall out of her grip as she witnesses the destruction of the great American vision of freedom, opportunity and equality for all. The only thing she can do is silently weep in the captivity of her congealment.

2016-06-25 12.30.01

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